Technical assistance

– Installation, maintenance and repair of computer equipment.


– Installation of systems: local or remote networks, WI-FI. 

– Office applications and custom or standard management. 

– Customized programming and advice on the purchase of any program that is in the market. 

– Maintenance Contract. 

– Computer Advice 

– Internet Services Proxy installation, email manager, Web server and email 

– Communication between company and branches, remote control, ADSL, RTB. 

– Training services in your company.


– Sale of computer equipment, components and consumables ink cartridges, discs, cd-rom, etc … 

– Equipment extensions.

Web Design Service

Our company has expert consultants who will advise and collaborate with you in the development of your idea:

– Design, development and maintenance of corporate web pages.


– We will integrate, optimally, the new developments in your platforms 

– We will use the most appropriate infrastructures, devices and software tools.

– We will design a viable business plan and adjusted to your needs.